Raid Like The Dabangs

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It's fair to say that raiders in Kabaddi are like batsmen in Cricket. While defenders and bowlers do their job silently, it is mostly the raiders and batsmen who tend to capture the limelight. In the same manner, in Kabaddi, raiders are the one who attract the fans to the stadium. We have seven specialist Dabang raiders this season, along with all-rounders who can do that job very effectively. We have seen Ravi Dalal, Abolfazel Maghsodlo, Suresu Kumar and Rohit Baliyan play in Pro Kabaddi League before, while Anand Patil, Vipin Malik and Shubham Palkar are all newcomers. We should say, newcomers yet brilliant. Here's an insight on them:

Ravi has a great reputation in PKL after performing consistently over the years. Abolfazel Maghsodlo, the lean raider from Iran, is quick on his feet and can make use of his height effectively. Suresu Kumar was part of U Mumba before and the raider impressed with the limited opportunities he got. Another strongly built and tall raider, Rohit Baliyan, will be eager to prove himself with his performances. As he gets more game time, his confidence will rise with it.

Dabang Delhi and PKL have always promoted young talent till now and this year will be no different. Anand Patil, Vipin Malik and Shubham Palkar are playing for the first time in PKL and would look to leave the opposition bamboozled with their nimble feet and athletic qualities. All-rounders Vishal, Rupesh Tomar, Yatharth and Chethan S all possess raiding abilities. To top it all, we have Meraj as well. We all know what the talismanic Iranian can do when on song. With a wide range of raiding talent in the team, the Dabangs are all set for the fifth season of Vivo Pro Kabaddi.