Pro Kabaddi League Season 5: K..

The fifth edition starts on July 28.
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Dabang Delhi K.C. Stadium
Dabang Delhi K.C. Pledge


  • CRY believes a girl's childhood can and must be preserved, cherished, nurtured and protected, and in the Dabang Delhi team we have found a partner and co-traveller that stands by this same belief. We are truly delighted to associate with them to bring visibility and attention to this critical issue. The players in the team spoke out about their support for the girl child and in the stadium in Delhi, CRY was featured prominently on all the screens and underprivileged children from our projects had the wonderful experience of playing a bit of Kabaddi themselves. Thank you so much Dabang Delhi for your support!

    CRY India

  • Never thought Kabaddi could be so much fun. My son had been asking me to take him to watch the Kabaddi match in Delhi. I hesitatingly booked the Tickets for my family of four for the Dabang Delhi vs Patna Pirates match. We reached the Thyagaraj Stadium 50 minutes before the match time and the stadium was prepped up so well. Right from the entrance it Larger than life images of Dabang Delhi players, I hardly recognized anyone, but my 11 year old son Suraj was quick enough to recognize the likes of Kashi, Meraj, Selva & Prashant.

    The Stadium had laid out a Kabaddi mat outside for the fans to try their hand at the Game of Kabaddi. Suraj & my 9 year old daughter Riya did have fun playing Kabaddi. As a matter of fact they still play at home. It was a full house inside and as the game began, one could hear the Delhi Janta roar for their favorite players. My wife and me also started to get involved as the match progressed. It was action packed, fast-paced and a nail biting match which Delhi lost in the last second, but won the hearts of the fans like me. Ever since that match I have been following the game keenly. Thanks to my son and Dabang Delhi for getting hooked to the wonderful sport of Kabaddi.

    Ajit SinghDelhi

  • For someone from Europe, India is always about Cricket. In my stay of 15 days, I could see people playing Cricket on streets, grounds and even in socities. In June 2016, I saw more than few Auto Rickshaws sporting different look which said Pro Kabaddi and Dabang Delhi. Looked like some other sport from Cricket, but gave up as I couldn't understand any further.

    A week later, I was at Underdoggs for a few drinks with my friends. It's again I saw the same Pro Kabaddi & Dabang Delhi. But this time it was everywhere, the table standees, coasters, danglers etc. I felt like they were following me, So i enquired with the staff asking about it. I learnt it was a 40 minute game of a sport called Kabaddi. The more I learnt about the game, the more I was curious to know more. I was told that it was scheduled to happen in Delhi in the last week of Delhi. But since I was to leave before that I was feeling disappointed. An Indian friend told me that currently it was happening Patna and few other cities and I can watch it on TV. By the next day I had downloaded and digested everything about the game. I was all excited to watch the game of Kabaddi on TV. The game was so quick that it took me few minutes to catch up with the action. I now follow Dabang Delhi, Prokabaddi, Patna and Mumba on Social Media to get my dose of action. Le Panga!

    Luis Bauer

  • Mujhe Kabaddi Bahut Pasand hai. Humlog apne area mein aur School mein bhi Kabaddi khelte hain. Kashi Sir mere favorite player hai. Mujhe bhi bada hokar unke jaisa Raider ban na hain. Main Bhi Dabang!

    Rishabh Gupta10 Year Old

  • Kabaddi has been associated with our family from generations. My Great Grandfather, my grand father and my father all have played Kabaddi in their hey days. Apparently I belong to a generation who hasn't played Kabaddi or heard much about it until Prokabaddi Season 3. We started watching Kabaddi on TV and my Grand Father (now 85) and my father were completely hooked on to it. Coming to Season Prokabaddi Season 4, I had decided to take them to watch the game LIVE. Luckily the ticket prices didn't burn a hole in my pocket. I had booked the tickets for Dabang Delhi vs Bengal Warriors. My family was stunned to see Kabaddi being so popular and to see the Thyagaraj Stadium full and people waiting for tickets. It was a rock solid performance by Dabang Delhi who beat Bengal Warriors by a huge margin. My Grand Father became an instant fan of Meraj Sheikh. Thank you Dabang Delhi for a memorable evening in our lives.

    Tribhuvan Gupta


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